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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Intermission - Photographs added to older blogs

Dear Reader(s)

I have added some more pictures to earlier blogs, as when I started this journey, they were in crates in storage.  I still have some more to trace as well, that may help illuminate further blogs........  None the less, these pictures are now in their appropriate place..  I have published them here under one blog, (as well as under each individual blog they belong in), to save the seasoned reader the trial (ordeal) or enjoyment of re-reading the updated blog.  So (drum roll) in reverse order, the photos and blogs they appears in are:-

Blog - Teenage Kicks
Me holding August the Rabbit, his last summer.

Julian, Grandma and myself circa 1971
Dad (Eddie) in Europe (somewhere) with bonkers hair, I think he had just taken his Fez off.
Blog - Hold The Lobster Thermidor
Dad again, but sat at his desk at RMC cigar in hand, process on wall and documents to read.  Archetypal picture of its time.
The trip to the Scottish Highlands, middle picture, second left is the author, absolutely knackered

From Left, Richard, Julian and Jonathan, three little gentleman (ha)
At the wedding reception of Mark and Monica - From left, brother in law David Uncle Reg, Uncle John, Uncle Ken, Richard (seated) and me, with half shandy in handy.  Note Richards velvet suit, very 1979

Older sister Helen, poodle Mitzy and me, with cat Sophie in Helens arms
Julian in front, me at the back.
Dad, Mum, Me with towel.  No idea who other kid is.
I hope these pictures add to your enjoyment of this blog and that you continue to read and feedback to me once in a while.
Jonathan (JW) Weaver

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