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Friday, 20 January 2012

My Blog Design Changes

As many of you will be aware, Blogspot allows the blogger to alter the design of the blog. I have changed the design (again?!! some will say), but do so in trying to make it easier on the eye to read, for it to load quicker into browsers and on phones (especially) and thereby hopefully increase the readers enjoyment and number of readers as well.

You can let me know if you prefer this new simpler layout, with room for comment tabs, scoring buttons and the like at the end of the page (as was originally), with a simple historical tab on the right to access older posts


if you prefer the more recent version called Dynamic Views, with the glitzy background and several choices as to views, (Flipcard, Magazine etc) by :-

1) adding a comment
2) selecting keep it up (tic) for new layout
3) stop - to go back to dynamic views.

If i get no mail i will assume the current (new) look is OK. To date i have had 8,350 views.  Not the millions i had envisaged (ha, ha!) but the mail and comments so far have been very kind and motivating so thanks to those who took the time.

I am in the midst of writing the next blog and will post asap.

regards and thanks for reading

Jonathan (JW)

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