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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I Want Your Sex

Monique took my hand and led me upstairs.  The balcony bedroom overlooked the sitting area and the high gable wall above the patio doors held a large picture window offering a view out towards the Pacific Ocean in the distance, but not that one we could see at night.  She sat me on the bed and stood back as if gauging what action to take next before undoing the button and zip at the side of her dress, letting it fall to the ground and standing in front of me, naked save for a minute G-string, her full breasts defied gravity in such a way as one may have suspected that a thin wire fixed to the ceiling was attached to the nipples, holding them up.  Monique stepped toward me and pushed me onto my back straddling me as she leant down and kissed me.  My hands touched the skin on her back softly stroking and moving from where her ribs began then drifting around her sides and under her breasts.  The skin reacting to my touch tensing and relaxing in turn as my fingertips passed across it, goose pimples rising and the soft downy hair popping to attention.  She moaned as I did this and squirmed, forcing herself down against my waist eliciting further moans from her and inspiring a large erection on my part.  She began to undo the buttons of my shirt, her hands pushed their way inside and she squeezed my nipples erect as her fingers ran through the hair on my chest and down toward my waist, where she found my belt buckle and after some seconds worth of struggle, gave up trying to undo it and pausing, sat up, smiled at me said, “undo it”.  I immediately complied.

The buttons on my 501’s popped through their holes in rapid succession, as having undone the top button she pulled the two sides apart much like ripping apart a present, eager to see and get her hands on the prize inside.  Jumping back off the bed she grasped at the heels of my boots and ripped them off casting them aside behind her and doing the same with my socks, before taking hold of my jeans by the ends of the leg and ripping them off, tossing them after the boots.  Monique stood before me letting her hair free from the confines of the band holding it in place.  I sat up and reaching out pulled her towards me and down onto the bed flipping her over onto her back and took in her beauty once more.  I sat astride her this time, leaning down kissing her softly on the lips, then her cheek and by her ears before sliding my tongue down her neck, pausing at the point her collar bones met to form a small indent below her throat, kissing and nuzzling her there.  My hands manoeuvred under the small of her back as I continued my journey south.  Pausing again at her breasts I kissed around her nipples and noticed the skin tighten and small bumps and depressions on her dark nipples appear, either in anticipation of my contact or immediately afterward.  Soft moans and sighs of pleasure came from her as I continued kissing my way around her body, holding her in place with my hands at her waist, the thumbs stroking the sides of her stomach, my fingers gently stretching the skin across the small of her back and sliding under the elastic of her G-string.

Arriving at the top of her G-string I ran my tongue along its width, hip-to-hip, occasionally under the elastic and material; a move that forced out a louder moan and a thrust of the hips from Monique.  By now my feet were on the floor and in one fluid motion, I picked her up and moved her further onto the bed before settling back down and resuming my kisses and strokes.  Her legs were slowly opening as I kissed around her waist and despite the urge to simply rip down her underwear and dive right in, I stalled; knowing that to move to fast would not deliver what we both wanted and moreover, after all the espionage so far, the move would not do justice to what had gone before.  Using my tongue like a finger I forced down the front of her G-string and felt the well-trimmed soft hairs parting at its touch.  I eased my thumbs under the elastic at her hips and pulled downwards.  The front of the G-string eased lower and her legs opened further to assist me, and I paused watching as the material slowly rolled down until it reached her folds of skin between her legs where it held stubbornly in place, her wetness sticking the cloth to her skin.  A subtle smell, the musky sweetness of sex and seduction arose from her as I drew the elastic and material down; the sweet smelling wetness finally releasing the damp silky cloth which sprang back in place to keep up with the rest of her G-string, as it was eased down her thighs over her knees and finally off her legs.  Monique opened her legs wide, signalling her request for further attention and I moved to her thighs kissing and caressing as I journeyed back the other way.  I had slipped off my boxer shorts as I had taken her underwear off, the odd tug and twist moving them downwards as I went about my work.  The urge started again.  The urge to simply slide inside her, pushing all the way in until out hips met.  I cancelled the thought but my uncircumcised erection throbbed and waved about as I moved and each time it caught the skin on her legs I tensed, as a spasm of pleasure shot through my groin and up my body.  My tongue slid along the inside of her left thigh and then upward, flicking across her wet labia and then her clitoris, across the short hair above and down the other side in a heart shape.  I continued this pattern for a time, each pass across her clitoris forcing a deep pant from her chest and a smile inside me, as I was where I wanted to be since the moment Monique had made her presence known in the Jazz bar.  The extent of the heart shape began to close in after a time, as I focused more closely around her inner thighs and clitoris, eventually changing the pattern altogether into a straight line from her clitoris down to the base of her pussy; with my nose, lips, tongue and chin all coming to bear as they touched her pleasure points.   

Monique was getting wetter and wetter and her panting becoming evermore urgent as with each sweep up and down I increased the speed, settling eventually into a steady continuous rhythm.  Her breaths started to come in small gulps as her body tensed and relaxed with one of my hands stroking her stomach and the other holding open her legs , keeping her in place.  Monique’s body tensed and relaxed in waves; her voice urging me to “keep, doing, th..that”, each word panted out a breath at a time.  Her lips had opened now, given the continuous pushing, licking and the incessant up and down strokes.  I lapped at her, tasting and smelling her as she got wetter and hotter, the rhythm, the pressure, the speed, repeating; the urging, exploring, brushing, licking and tasting continuing.  I reached for and found her hands and taking her by her wrists pushed her arms down by her sides holding her there, her body pined to the bed.  This drew even louder panting for air as she bucked and forced her groin down and against my face, grinding herself against my nose, tongue and chin in turn as my head moved up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and…………. then she came; shouting at me to “keep, going, keep, doing, that…that…that…oh…oh…yes…that…yes…yes!” her body arcing off the bed, the noises were animal and throaty as the orgasm ripped through her.  I released one arm and she grabbed at the back of my head pushing my face into her as I continued the rhythm and she shuddered again and again.  I got even more turned on by the very act of her orgasm as she continued to moan and buck herself against my face.

As the force of her orgasm subsided I kissed my way back up her body.  She reached up and pulled my head down towards hers and we kissed hard once again, all lips, tongues and teeth, before she eased back and licked the taste of herself from my face, small darting flicks of her tongue tracing around my lips, chin and nose.  We kissed again and she reached down and took my hard cock in her hand, it’s pulsating throb evident as she squeezed it tightly and moved her hand up and down it’s length.  I pulled myself up onto my knees and she followed to a sitting position her hands now working my cock and balls as she smiled up at me and I could have died in those eyes. 

Taking me in her mouth Monique applied herself with gusto as I lay back and let her work on me this time.  This was enormously pleasurable, her tongue flicking around as her head moved up and down, a hand joining in; to squeeze and touch.  It started to get away from me and she knew this.  I wanted it stopped after realising that I was about to come, but she would not stop.  Her head plunging up and down and up and down until………..I could no longer hold on and she stayed there, swallowing and sucking until I moved her head away, she masturbated me way past the point of orgasm, which made me laugh and shout as spasms of pleasure shot through my stomach.  Monique lay beside me and we kissed and stroked one another with our need to fuck growing ever more urgent until she asked, “screw me now”.  I picked her up turned her over and she rose onto her knees and manoeuvred her body back towards me.  I shuffled forward and placed the head of my penis against her lips and with no more than an almost imperceptible push she parted and I slid all the way inside her, the heat coming from her sending me into raptures.  With long slow strokes I proceed to fuck her, sliding almost all of the way out, pausing, before plunging back in again and we carried on like this for quite a while, her hand between her legs heightening her sensations and occasionally cupping my balls in a friendly squeeze.  We moved into a variety of positions eventually settling into the tried and tested cowgirl and she moved into another gear.  I was quite happy to come whenever she wanted me to and as she climaxed again I joined in, physically lifting her body up and down as we climaxed together.

We fell apart breathing heavily and lay still for a while taking in air and what had happened.  Monique went to the bathroom downstairs and returned with a tray holding re-filled wine glasses, the cigarettes and an ashtray.  I took a long glug of wine rinsing it around my teeth and swallowing it down.  It was icy cold and the tang pulled my head back into focus from the relaxed state I was now in.  I took a cigarette and lit it.  Monique sat on her knees with her legs curled underneath her; her hair was a tangled mess and her make up no longer perfect, but she looked stunning.  A soft glow radiating from her, the dewy like perspiration shimmering on her shoulders, throat and between her breasts.  I drew on the cigarette and passed it to Monique who took a deep pull and handed it back to me.  Neither of us spoke for a while happy to sit, smoke and drink.  I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, washing my face and hands and looked at myself in the mirror.  I smiled broadly at my reflection, proud of my performance and I gave myself a wink, still as cock sure as ever!

Back in the bedroom, Monique had slid under the sheets and lay there; robbed in white cotton, her bare arms by her side pulling the sheet taught across her body, the light accentuating her curves as she patted the bed next to herself.  “You ok?” she asked.  “Great yeah, thanks” I said, as I lay beside her on top of the bed and lit another cigarette.  “I want you to meet some of my friends in the morning, I told them all about you” she said.  “Ok, but I do need to get back to Mum fairly early, as I do not want her being alone for too long”.  Christ! I must have sounded like a little kid on his first night out alone!  But I guessed that as she was aware of the situation with Mum, she was quite prepared to drop me back at the motel and understood my pre-occupation.  “Cool” she replied and with that took a drink from her glass and placed it on the floor by the bed.  “Now fuck me again”.  I did as ordered and we varied our efforts to make sure we took advantage of all we had to offer each other.  I would have quite happily spent the whole night with my face between her legs, such was the effect I was having; that coupled with the enjoyment it gave me, would have kept me so turned on, there would have been no need to do anything else, but Monique was obliging by return and so the evening drifted into early morning, and we didn’t noticed the sun coming up.

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